Chilean Food Recipes

Chile is a country situated in the west coast of South America, and is extended along the Pacific Ocean; it has almost 3 thousand miles of coast. Because most of the land is between mountains, with not plenty of room to rear cattle, they have developed wonderful recipes with seafood. They also have the finest vineyards, so if you go to Chile, be sure to eat sea food and drink their wine!
Fun facts and a brief history about Chile: Before the Europeans Chile was being controlled initially by the nomadic Araucanos which were in the south and also the Incas which were in the north. After the Europeans came, there was heavy resistance by the different cities that were in Chile. However, in 1818 they gained their independence from Spain under the leadership of José de San Martin (an Argentinian) and Bernardo O'Higgins.
Along their coasts, they have all kinds of sea food, and are famous because of them. As their land is not abundant, they must import most of their meats, and many vegetables.
But before the Spanish came, the Indians who lived in that region, used corn in their dishes, and this ingredient continues being an important part of their cuisine up to these days.
When Spanish people came in the 1500s they brought chicken, rabbits, pigs, and beef. So, the combination of the Spanish and native ingredients formed the popular dishes that today are so popular and characteristic of the food from Chile.
Chilean cuisine is one of the finest and richest cuisines around the world. Besides, since the fact that Chile has received immigrants from all over the world, there we can find a mixture of Italian food, Arab's herbs and spices and even the British love for the tea. This is enjoyed up to these days, as inviting friends for teatime is a very popular and enjoyable habit between the Chileans. They take their four meals per day, being tea time a very important moment.
For Chilean desserts, they have so many delicious fruits, Italian-like ice creams, German origin's pastries and cakes recipes. So trying food in Chile is always a surprise. But what one cannot miss is the sea food, as in cooking those dishes they are experts.
There are different types of Chilean food dishes and drink that you can find and will love, such as Arrollado de Chancho-chunks of pork, Carbonada, Chancho en Piedra - a typical Chilean seasoning, Charquican - It is a mushy diced meat dish but great, and Costillar de Chancho - baked spare (pork) ribs.
There are also some Chilean Sandwiches that Chile is famous for like Aliado, Barros Luco, Churrasco con Tomate, and Churrasco con Palta.
And don’t forget some of the typical Chilean Desserts that Chile is very famous for such as Arroz con Leche, Bavarois de Lucuma, Empanada de Mariscos, Ostiones a la Parmesana, and Caldillo de Congrio.
Chile’s food is delicious and full of culture its worth to try out different dishes and get a real distinction between them.
Here, at OfRecipes, we’re trying our best to create the largest library for Chilean food recipes on the internet, by providing you with a list of authentic recipes, written by native Chileans. Try and enjoy these recipes, and share your experiences with us!

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