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Exciting Facts You Need to Know About Colombia

Architectural Origins of Colombia

Most of Colombia's architecture emanated from the 17th-century Spanish origin, specified as the Castilian and Moorish architecture that can be seen in most cities in this country. Since these structures are centuries old, maintenance of these buildings is quite hard and expensive. Throughout the years, weather conditions have destroyed some of the Baroque style buildings. Most of the structures that are considered as Colombia's masterpiece are churches that reflect the Renaissance and Medieval designs from Spain.

Economy and Industrial Overview

Agricultural exports and manufacturing is Colombia's backbone economy. To be able to expand the production growth of agricultural products they have to rely on importing expensive modern agricultural machinery. Their agricultural products are sugar, coffee bananas, and cut flowers. In fact, Colombia is one of the world's leading coffee exporters. And being such, they are always on the lookout for any fluctuations in the market price. Colombia is also rich in mineral deposits and mining is one of their major livelihoods, aside from exporting other materials such as chemicals and textiles.

The largest industrial sector in Colombia is manufacturing and that includes garments, furniture, textile and corrugated boxes to name a few. As for the mining industry, they are into coal mining, oil production, resin producing plants and chemicals.

International Trade

Europe and the United States are the major countries that Colombia is exporting their products. Since they have a free market economy and they benefit from foreign investments and trading after the North American Free Trade Agreement. Aside from this, they do have trade pacts with countries from Latin America.

Important Events and Celebrations

Most of the events or holidays that Colombia celebrates are inclined with their religion such as the Holy Week or Lenten Season, Christmas and Immaculate Conception. There are also numerous feasts celebrating their patron saints throughout their local communities. Aside from that, one of their major events is an annual crowning of Miss Colombia since feminine beauty is considered to them as an important icon for the country.

Colombians as Food Lovers

Common food that Colombians eat is a light meal in breakfast, then heavy meals by lunch and again lighter meals during their dinner time. They have a favorite sweet dessert that is made from Panela, a type of brown sugar delicacy.

As for those who live in the rural regions, they eat a sumptuous hearty breakfast and dinner. While those who are in the coastal regions, obviously, they love to eat seafood. Their typical lunch consists of shrimps, fried plantains, and rice with coconut. But be not mistaken because Colombians do love to venture in tasting all types of local and international cuisines or delicacies.

Colombia is a great place for travelers throughout the world to enjoy this country and love the different scenic spots that will amaze you in different ways. You will even love the historic spots of this country and enjoy different food varieties that will suit anyone's taste.

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