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The country of Norway is one of the countries that exist in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Norway has two official names; Noreg and Norge. The name Norway was derived from the northern way which in other words meant the way leading to the north. Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometers with the population of approximately five million (January 2017). Norway is not an island, it Is bordered by various countries; we have to the North East is Finland and Russia, east of Norway s Sweden, and Denmark is to the west of Norway. To the north is the coastline of North Atlantic Ocean.

There are two levels of administrative and political subdivision that is the counties and municipalities. Being the only country outside the Middle East producing petroleum, this accounts for around a quarter of the Country’s Gross Domestic Product. The earliest inhabitants of Norway were the Ahrensburg culture who is found along the coast. The earliest inhabitants grew grains and kept cows and sheep. This was during the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age was followed by Iron Age, Migrating Period down up to Post World War II History. Geographically Norway is part of the west of the Scandinavia of north Europe.

The land is largely covered by granite and gneiss rocks with little of sandstone and limestone here and there. A wide range of Biodiversity and good looking relief is also found in Norway. When it comes to language, there are two official languages in Norway; Norwegian and Sami. Despite the two official languages several other languages are spoken and written in Norway for example; Norwegian sign language, Uralic Kven language etc.

When you talk of traditional food then Norwegian food should never be left out of your thinking. These foods are dated back to 300 years. And to make it   more interesting is that every Norway food is served with its story that is traditional based. Some of the Norwegian cuisine includes; traditional local soups, this is generally a soup made with bacon and other meats as well as pearl, potatoes, and peas. This is dish is usually served on certain specific days.

Just like we said Norway’s first inhabitants were fishermen, the question is how do they serve the fish? With this, they have meat and fish dishes. If you thought that fish and meat could not share a bowl, think again my friend.

For Norwegian desserts, all I can say is: Krumkake - I am wondering how that sounds in Norwegian. All I know it’s a delicacy that will leave you wanting for more. Krumkake basically consists of paper-thin rolls of waffle pancake filled with whipped cream. It Is said to share similarity with the Italian pizzelle. Whenever people talk of traditional food all that comes into our mind is that long process preparation of the meal. That is not the case with the Norwegian food recipes since in Norway there are also fast food specialties for the on go eating. Take a taste of Polse Med Lompe which is from the ingredients hotdog flavor an import from Denmark. For the festive dishes don’t forget to try smalahove made from sheep’s head. Served with mashed potatoes’.

Here, at OfRecipes, we’re trying our best to create the largest library for Norwegian food recipes on the internet, by providing you with an authentic Norwegian food list, written by native Norwegians. Try and enjoy these recipes, and share your experiences with us!

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