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Welcome to OfRecipes.com, the home of recipes

First, let us introduce ourselves. We’re an international online company that specializes in content creation, mainly focusing on creating entertaining content that is both informative, and useful.

Here on OfRecipes the main focus is on creating one huge library for native recipes from all over the world. All the recipes you see on our website are 100% authentic to the country it originates from. We aim to be the biggest source of authentic recipes on the internet, and to do so, we make sure of the authenticity of each recipe we put on our website by having natives be the source of it.

Our library is always expanding and if you don’t see the specific cuisine or specific recipe you are currently looking for, we’ll surely be adding it along the way.

Explore our large list of different cuisines from around the globe from Asian recipes, European recipes, Egyptian recipes, Mexican recipes, Middle Eastern recipes, to Indian recipes and many more of the world’s amazing cuisine. If there is one thing that can unite the human race together, it is for sure the universal love for tasty, delicious food. No matter what recipes or cuisine you’re looking for, we’ll always be able to offer you the best and the most authentic recipes you can find on the internet.